Dua for broken Heart : Dua To Cure A Broken Heart

A broken heart is certainly something all of us have experienced in our lives. And the pain of a broken heart is no doubt the most extreme pain you can imagine. But there is even greater pain, and that is the pain of a broken heart when you loved someone truly but they didn’t return your love. This blog is dedicated to these kinds of broken hearts and the dua for broken heart that you can say to cure a broken heart.

Loneliness can be your worst enemy. It can instantly turn you into a miserable wretch within seconds. There is however, a mantra which echoes to alleviate the pain of losing a loved one and it is the Dua for broken Heart.
Dua, meaning a supplication, prayer or statement, is the best way to seek the assistance of * in order to develop your inner spirituality. A Dua is a prayer that is generally a request for a particular outcome or a favour.

There are many people out there who have had their hearts broken and need some help to get over the problem. This blog will list some of the popular duas that are used to help someone who has had their heart broken. The duas listed will help the person who has been broken hearted find a solution to their problems and start to move on with their life.

A heart broken is a painful experience, it can make you feel lonely, down, shaky and even change your look. At such times, you need to remember that * is always there to help you. You don’t have to wait to get over a broken heart, you can make the process faster by simply remembering *. And the best way to remember * is by reciting the Quran. It is the key to opening all the doors of success in your life.

The broken heart is a common psychological disorder. The people who go through this sort of situation feel difficulty in living their normal lives. They fail to concentrate on any work and also fail to show interest in their daily routine work. All they need is a Dua for Broken Heart to cure and reform them.

Dua to heal a broken heart:–

1. You have to recite this dua after every salah .

2. Read these verses as many times as you can.

3. “Allahummaj Alisa Adata Tangmuruna Tunsina Ma Abkana Wama Ahzanana “

4. In the end, pray to almighty Allah to give you peace.

Dua to heal a broken heart
Dua to heal a broken heart

This blog is about the steps to be followed by you if you are going through the problems of a broken heart. It revolves around the idea that there certain steps that you can take to get over your broken heart and lead a normal life.A broken heart can cause emotional turmoil in our lives. It usually has a negative effect that can have a negative impact on our health and well being. We have a Dua for Broken Heart which can help to cure this. Dua for Broken Heart is the best Dua for the heart which can help to cure the heart from all ailments.
Dua for Broken Heart is a great Dua for those who suffer from a Broken Heart. If you are facing a broken heart, then inshAllah the Dua for Broken Heart can help to cure this.

I would like to discuss and share a Dua for broken Heart. A broken heart is a phenomenon that nobody can ignore and nobody can deny its existence. The pain that will come with a broken heart is un-bearable and excruciating. The pain will last until you get the treatment of a broken heart.

If you are suffering from broken heart then this article is for you. We all know that love is an art. And when you fall in love, it is a mixture of all the feelings of happiness that are inside you. But, not everyone can taste the flavour of this ingredient. Some are lucky enough, while others are unlucky, due to their love stories. If you have been heartbroken, then you know how it feels. You can go through this article to find out some of the best dua to cure a broken heart.

Each and every person is prone to heartbreak at some point or other. This heartbreak can be as a result of a failed relationship or a simple breaking of trust between two peers. Such a state of heartbreak can have a severe emotional impact on a person and can often lead to an unbalanced mental state of mind. There are different ways and different remedies that can help in the process of healing from a broken heart. This blog will be looking at a few of the best Dua for Broken Heart.

Dua To Fix A Broken Heart :-

  1. Firstly make a fresh ablution .
  2. Read Durood Sharif three times .
  3. Then read a following verse
  4. ” Allahumma Rahmataka Arju Fala Takilni Ila Nafsi Tarfata ‘ Aynin Wa Aslih Li sha’ni kullahu La Ilaha Ila Anta “
  5. Read it 101 times, at least .
  1. In the end again recite durood sharif three times.
Dua to heal a broken heart
Dua To Fix A Broken Heart

The Importance of Dua for heartbreak

The heart is the most important organ of the body. When the heart is broken, it is very important to ask Allah to help you get over the pain of your heartbreak. It is important to seek Allah’s help and guidance. When you are heartbroken, it is important to remember that Allah is always there for you and He will help you get over your heartbreak. InshaAllah.

Heartbreak is one of the most painful things anyone can go through. When your heart is broken, it feels like the world has come to an end. You may be asking yourself: How do I get my heart to stop hurting? How do I get over him/her? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can and you will. Allah (swt) has given you a way out. If you’re going through a difficult time, you can turn to Allah (swt) for help. He will not disappoint. Allah (swt) answers the dua of the one who is in distress. He does not like to see His servants suffer.

Making Dua after a Heartbreak

When Allah has granted you a life in which you have suffered a heartbreak, then you must make du’a to Allah to cure your heart of the sadness and despair that you are feeling. When a person suffers a heartbreak, they often wish that they could just turn off their emotions and not feel their heartbreak anymore. We’ve all done this before. We’ve all wished that we could just stop feeling sad so we didn’t have to deal with the pain anymore.

The reality of the situation is that your heartbreak is a blessing in disguise. Allah is trying to cure you of an illness that you have been carrying with you: your heartbreak. He is trying to help you get rid of your sadness so that you can be happy again. What better way to cure a broken heart than to turn to Allah and make du’a to Him? It’s the only way to cure a broken heart.

Dua for Helping You to Get Over a Breakup

In this article we will be discussing the third and final Dua, which is the Duain which you can make use of inshaAllah and to get over your heartbreak and to be able to move on and to be able to start a new happy life inshaAllah without the heartbreak.

The pain of losing a loved one can be so overwhelming that it can make you feel as if you are dying. This is the most difficult part of a breakup that you have ever had to deal with. It can be so hard and so painful that you may need to cry out to * for help.


Hopefully these above noted Duas would help you get through a breakup.The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “The strong person is not one who wrestles others, but one who controls himself when angry.” (Bukhari) It is important to remember that Allah has created everything, including our emotions. It is part of our human nature to feel sad, hurt, or angry at times. It is how we deal with and express these emotions that can cause us problems. We cannot avoid feeling these emotions but we can control our reactions to them.

A broken heart is a natural phenomenon that can be caused by a number of different factors. When a person has a broken heart, he or she may experience a number of different symptoms. These symptoms may include anxiety, depression and insomnia. In addition to this, a person suffering a broken heart may also experience chest pains and shortness of breath. If you have recently been affected by a broken heart, you may be interested in learning more about the different ways you can use dua to cure a broken heart.

Dua for broken Heart is a powerful strategy to help you move on from your past relationship, or help you recover from a painful breakup. If you have been hurt by a relationship recently, then make duas to Allah to heal your heart and give you the strength to move one. It is very important to remember that Allah is the one that heals, and that it is only through His power that anyone can be healed from a broken heart. We hope that this blog has been helpful, and know that Allah can help you if you put your trust in Him.

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