Dua For Getting Good Marks in Exam

Asslam Alaikum , Today we are sharing Dua For Getting Good Marks in Exam specially for the students. The exam time is very stressed time for students. Students takes stress of result or will they qualify the exam or not . So, we are sharing a dua for getting good marks in exam it will ensure you get good grades .

Every students wants to pass there exams with good marks but some students fails to achieve the goal they want and due to this they became upset , stressed and depressed. So , to get rid of all these and for good marks in exam a student should perform this dua . Dua For getting Good Marks in Exam.

Here , we are mentioning the dua for getting good marks one should read it carefully and perform it accordingly as steps are mention. All you need to do is keep faith and trust in ALLAH and Allah will help to reach your goals and makes you a successful person .

If you feel any kind of problem in performing this dua or having any difficulty in understanding the process mentioned below . Then contact the specialist Molana Rashid Ali.

Dua for getting good marks in exam is given below:

Allah Humma La Sahla Illa Ma Ja’al Tahu Sahla Wa Anta Taj Alul Hazna Iza Shi’ta Sahla

Recite this dua in every salat and before and after you do your paper, all your exam, till the time you get your results.

Pray to Allah Talah to help you get good marks in your exams. Insha Allah, you will pass with flying colors.

Dua For getting Good Marks In Exam helps you to get the good grades
Dua For Getting Good Marks In Exams helps you to get the good grades

As mentioned above one should perform this dua before they start there exam and also after ending the exam . One should repeat this process in every exam and keep in mind you have to recite this dua both the times before starting the exam and after ending the exam .
This also helps you to fulfill with the positive energy .

Dua For Sharp Memory

Every person who used to study or work everyone wants the sharp memory. If person haves the sharp memory their brain catching power will be more. They can easily grasp the things in their mind . So , it is equally important to have sharp memories to get good marks in the exams . If a person has sharp memory he easily and steadly learns all the things .

So , one should also perform a dua for sharp memory to Allah. Almighty Allah Ta’la will helps you to sharpen your memory and to achieve good grades and success in the life .

All you need to do is you have to keep trust and faith in Allah Ta’la . One should offer a prayer to ALLAH with full dedication and with pure heart and good intentions .

Important Points To be kept in mind while performing the dua For Getting Good Marks In Exams

  1. Women should not perform the dua during there periods . Women’s should avoid all the prayers during there periods .
  2. You should take a fresh bath .
  3. keep yourself and your surroundings clean .
  4. keep trust and faith in Allah .
  5. keep yourselff positive and remove all toxicity from your mind .

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