Dua For Love

Assalam Alaikum ,

To all my brother’s and sister’s . Today I am sharing the best way to solve the conflicts of your love life or to get your lost love back . Love is the most beautiful experience one had in his life and also become most painful if you get separated from your love . So , to help you out I’m sharing the most beneficial and demanding duas , surahs and wazifas which have been tested since many past years for lost love back .

Surviving with broken heart and this painful situation it becomes more difficult to survive . The couple’s seprates due to many reasons may be due to the entry of third person or due to fights and misunderstanding and these leads to heart breaking situations. But To get your love back and to have a happy love life one should perform this mentioned dua or wazifa for lost love back . If you feel any problem or want to ask anything about the procedure feel free to contact Molana Rashid Ali ji on the what’s app .

When you find all paths are close don’t be sad because the path of Allah is always open for all the dua will help you to connects to Allah and seek guidaance from Allah Ta’la . Therefore , Broken hearts are most painful sitauations for all and all need to get out of this if facing this problem the below mentioned dua’s are best for fixing the problems in your life . 

Some important points to be kept in mind while performing the dua -

To make your dua more effective, keep the following points in mind:

– Keep yourself clean and the place where you perform the dua.

– While doing this dua, keep your face in the direction of Qibla Sharif.

– Start this dua after any Namaz for best results

– Imagine your love with good intentions; your only motive should be marriage.

-Don’t keep your intentions wrong otherwise dua or wazifa will not work .

Our wazifa is specially meant to help to get your desired wishes and dreams to come true. We believe that to get something you did not need anything except the acceptance of Almighty Allah (SWT)

Surah For Love Back -

Love is a feeling and loving someone is not a crime but if a person had a love failure than that is very painful and love failure is very common .The way to heal from the pain of love failure and to get your love back pray to Allah . But A surah for love back helps you to get your love back .Love failure , breakups are very common among teenagers these days but if you want your love back here we brings the way to get your love back .

Firstly ,Just have faith in Allah .Surah is the oldest way to convince Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala. Perform Surah to Allah helps you to get your lover back .If you think to getting married to your love .Perfrom Surah to get married to your love this will help you to marry the person you love 

The Process to Perform “Surah To Get My Love Back” Step by Step

  1.  Firstly , Recite this Surah for love back after Zuhar (Duhr) Noon Prayer.
  2. First, Take a shower and clean yourself. (Wuzu)
  3. After that, Start Reciting Surah Ya-Sin Verse (53) eleven times.
  4. Now, you will recite Durood Sharif eleven times.
  5. Finally, imagine your love and pray to Allah Almighty for your love back.

Do this in a proper manner and with good intentions.If you love someone and want them to love you back . Perfrom a Surah to make someone love you back .

Perform Surah to Make Someone Love You Back is Here

  1. Firstly , You have to read this beautiful Surah after every Salah.
  2. Then keep sitting on the prayer mat after completing compulsory prayer.
  3. Then imagine the person for whom you are performing the surah.
  4. After that, recite “AL-QUDDUS” at least 100 times.
  5. Then Read this Surah for 21 days with complete faith in Allah (SWT).
  6. Insha Allah, you will get success.

This Surah helps you to make someone love you back and the person you love starts loving you .Every person wants that if they love the person they get the same love back . So, to make someone love you back perform this surah with full dedication and do not skip in between . Loving someone is the best feeling and if you crave for someone’s love than also you can perform someone love you back .

Here we bring you a powerful Surah to get your love back . You just have to keep faith in Allah and Allah helps you to get your love back .This surah for love back helps you to bring your lover back to you in case they left you or you had a breakup with your lover . You can also read Surah To Make Someone Fall In Love With You for best results.

Wazifa for Love Back Step by Step:

  1. Start by reciting Durood e Ibrahimi 7 Martaba.
  2. Recite Surah Yaseen [36:57] Eleven Times Given below.
  3. On a white piece of paper, please write down the name of your lover that you want to bring back and put it in front of you.
  4. Now in the memory of Allah Tallah, recite “subḥaan-allaahi wa biḥamdihi wa subḥaan-allaahil-‛aẓeem“ 101 times.
  5. Take that piece of paper and put it underneath your pillow. Sleep with it for three days.
  • Surah Yaseen [36:57]- “Lahum feehaa faakiha tunw-wa lahum maa yadda’oon”
  • English Translation– “Every moment will be a joy for them. They will have whatever they ask.”
wazifa for love back

You should practice the above mentioned wazifa for 7 days to get your lost love back . This wazifa will give you the results which you have never imagined and after performing this wazifa with full faith and trust in Allah your will return in your life in 21 days . If you want immediate result or want more guidance contact Molana Rashid Ali ji.

Why is Wazifa For Love Back is So effective ?

Wazifa for love back is very powerful and effective Islamic prayer. This wazifa is practiced since many years and helped lot of people to get there love back . Read the full article and procedure very carefully before performing the wazifa . This wazifa saves your most beautiful relationship of love and helps to have a happy and lovely relationship.

You can also perform perform this wazifa in case of divorce or martial problem. And if you want to know more you can consult the specialist Molana Rashid Ali ji.

If you are looking for a solution for your love problems then you came to the right place. Many of us are searching for the solution for their love problems. But Every person who is in love wants to have a long and happy love relationship. Wazifa for love back is the solution for your love problems. I hope this article is beneficial and important and you get the best solution .

“Wazifa for love back ” is an age old Islamic practice which provides a solution to problems like love, marriage, job-loss etc. But Though the Islamic culture and thinking of people is getting modernized, but still majority of people believe in this. As far as Islamic practices are concerned, “Wazifa for love back ” is very effective in solving love problems, provided the belief is strong.

Wazifa To Get My Love Back -

Note: It’s important to Perform this Wazifa after you have Performed the Isha Night Prayer.

1. Firstly , You will need to recite ‘Valar Umar Zeen Kaleef’ at least 300 times.
2. After that, you will need to say the name of your lover.
3. Repeat this Wazifa for getting love back at least twice a day.
4. Continue this for seven days.
5. At last, Recite Durood Sharif Eleven times.


Important note -

Note –

If this dua or wazifa is not working, it means that someone has put a black magic spell or is doing Kala ilem on your relationship. If you have this problem, contact our Molana Rashid Ali by clicking on the Consult with us button below. Girls should not do this dua or wazifa during their periods. Do this dua or wazifa with a pure heart and pure intention, and have faith in Allah Tala.

Dua for Love Marriage

Marriage is the relationship of two souls . This relation includes understanding , care , love and affection . If you want to get married to your loved one but facing problems . Here, I am sharing a dua for love marriage . It is very beneficial and effective and helped lot of people to get married to there love .

When it comes to love, getting the chance to meet the right person is just half the battle. There are so many things in the world that could get in the way of true happiness.It’s so important that when you are in love, you make sure that you have everything in place for your love to be legal.

This dua will help you to make your parents agree for your marriage with your love and it will also helps you to seek blessings from Allah Ta’la for the married life ahead.

Step by step Dua For Love Marriage _

  1. Firstly , Make fresh ablution .
  2. Secondly , Start with Reciting Durood Sharif.
  3. Then You have to read Surah al-Ahzab (33) three times in the next step. 
  4. Again recite Durood Sharif.
  5. At last , Ask Allah SWT to help you with your love marriage.

Recite this dua for 7 days with full faith and trust in Allah Ta’la and keep your intentions good while performing the dua . But Don’t skip dua in between and follow each and every step very carefully . 

Marriage is not only the relation of two peoples it is the relationship of two familes . Marriage unites two different families together . All wants to have a happy and lovely married life . Therefore , If you want a happy married life recite the surah for happy marriage life  this surah will fullfil your married life with love and happiness . When you are in love with someone, you search ways to marry that person. The love of marriage is agree when you and your love like each other and want to marry each other.
This is a very special time when you and your family will have to do the best you can to get marry because it is the love of your life, and you really want to share your life with him or her.
You should help your partner, and it is possible that you can contact Molana Rashid Ali ji and get the best help from him .

Dua for Husband and Wife -

A relation of husband and wife is the most peaceful, pure and loving relation .A marriage is relation of two souls . But , This relation of husband and wife is very trustworthy relation . But sometimes this relation do not work because of fights, misunderstanding, lack of time , lack of understanding and lack of love . Therefore , To secure this relation and fullfil with love here is dua for love between husband and wife mentioned below . 

Read dua very carefully and follow each and every step while performing the if you feel any problem while performing dua feel free to contact Molana Rashid Ali ji . Husband & wife relationship is the most important relationship in this world. Husband love his wife and she also love her husband like her body.  But Many time they quarrel with each other and feel that they are not wanted by their partners. Now a days relationship are in danger where each one are cheating other. But If a wife or husband is willing to save their marital life, then they have to perform dua for husband and wife

Dua for love between husband and wife -

1. Perform ablution .
2. Recite “Allah Hus Samad” 100 times.
3. Recite “Allahu Akbar” 50 times after Morning Namaz.
4. Write “Alhamdulillah” on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow.
5. Read Verse 6 of Surah Yunus 2 times after Vespers.

Recite this dua for 11 days and do not skip dua in between , Women should not recite dua during there mensuration period . Fix a place and time of performing a dua . Choose a place where there is no disturbance .

Benefits of reciting Dua's -

  1. Dua help you to seek blessings from Allah and connects you with Allah . When you feel that all paths are blocked at that time you can pray to Allah this will help you to find new paths . 
  2. Dua helps to remove all difficulties and promblems from the life and provide us relief . 
  3. Dua keeps us humble and helps us to succeed in life and makes us reaches the heights of success . 
  4. Reciting dua daily develops the healthlyand good habit and also increases the positive energy . 

Dua to make someone fall in love -

Love is the one of the purest feeling . Loving someone with all your heart makes you care and understanding towards that person . But If you love someone and want that person to love you to with all his heart . Here , I am mentioning a dua , this dua to make someone fall in love will help you to create the feeling of love in that person’s heart for you and fall he / she madly in love with you .

All you just have to keep faith in Allah and make a surah to Allah to get a person in love with you . Allah Ta’la helps you to get your love .

It is common in teenagers to have one – sided love and having cursh but not able to share their feelings to the people they love Because of the fear of rejection and not able to express themselves . But You can use this way of Allah to get your love .

Dua is the best way to seek blessings from Allah Ta’la and it is the solution of all the problems . Therefore , Recite the below mentioned dua very carefully and with pure heart and good intentions .

Step by Step Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love -

  1. You can start this Dua on any day.
  2. Make a fresh ablution, and if you are already in ablution, then it’s not compulsory.
  3. Recite the lovely name of Almighty Allah “Ya Waajidu” 111 times.
  4. Then you can blow on a glass of water.
  5. You have to make that person drink this water.

Recite this dua for 21 days regularly to make that person fall madly in love with you . This dua will help you to strenghten your bond with that person and fullfil your life with happiness and love . Don’t skip in between . If you feel any problem in performing the dua you can contact Molana Rashid Ali ji directly on Whats app .

Dua for one -sided love -

So , this dua is specially for the person having crush or not able to share your feelings with the person you love.

Love is the best feeling and this dua will help you to have a love of your life. This dua helps you to attract the person you love towards you and also increase the feeling of love in the heart of the person you love .

If your lover has left you due to conflicts between you and your partner and you want your lover back in your life for such situation the best solution is Surah For Love Back Surah To Get My Love Back this surah helps you to bring your lover back in your life and solves all the conflicts between you and your partner and also increases love between you and your partner.

Procedure of Dua for one -sided love -

Firstly , Perform ablution with clean water and wear a fresh set of clothes.

• Secondly , Make sure you complete all the five namaz regularly.

• The dua for love can be read after any of the obligatory prayers during the day.

• At first, recite 2 rak’at nafil and continue with Durood Shareef 9 times.

• Then, you have to repeat Surah Fatiha 51 times.

• Begin chanting: “Inn Allah Yusmiyu Manya Shauu” 51 times in a soft voice.

• At the end , Complete this ritual with nine more recitations of Durood Shareef.

Recite this dua for 21 days with full dedication and faith in Allah Ta’la.

Mostly Asked Questions -

Can I find My soulmate with help of dua ?                                                                                               Yes, you can Find your soulmate with the help of dua . The above mentioned dua will help you to find your true love and meet your soulmate . This dua is very effective and powerful and will help you to find your true love .

I am not Muslim , Can I perform dua for good life partner because I am facing problems in getting married ?                                                                                                                                       Yes, you can perform the Dua for good life partner to find best partner for you keep all the prcautions in mind and read each and every step very carefully . But If you face any problem or not understanding the procedure Consult – Molana Rashid Ali ji On Whats app .

I want to move on and heal from the pain of broken heart , What shoulod I do ?                          Perform the Surah to fix a broken heart  this surah will help you to move on and help you get out of all the pain you are facing because of break up and help you to tackle the most difficult part of you life . 

Which surah is for love back ?                                                                                                                     If you want to get your love back perform the above mentioned surah for love back with full dedication and a prayer offered to Allah with pure heart will always gives out best and positive results . 

How can I make my Parents agree for the love marriage ?                                                           The Dua is mentioned above for love marriage this Dua will help you to make your parents agree for love marriage . But I will suggest you to perform this dua for love marriage with full faith and dedication .But

Dua To Find My Soulmate -

If you are facing a problem in choosing the right partner for you or your true love . you have visited the right place today I am sharing one of the most demanding dua with you all which is very helpful for Today’s generation to find there true love . But The Dua To Find My Soulmate . This dua will help you to meet your true love and make you meet your soul mate . 

step by step Dua to find your Soulmate -

1. First, perform ablution and wear white clothes.
2. Next, recite Durood e Sharif 11 times.
3. Then, read Ayat Al Kursi 7 times while imagining the face of your true love.
4. Finally, pray to Almighty Allah and ask Him to accept your dua.
5. Perform this dua after your daily prayers for 21 days.

Perform this dua for 21 days as mentioned and do not skip in between . Recite dua with full faith and trust in Allah Ta’la . This dua is very helpful and effective and will help you the true love of your life . 

Surah for Good Life Partner

Marriage is a sacred and very significant relationship, which is an extremely important aspect of life. Therefore, it is essential to have a very appropriate match in life that can be a perfect companion and can help a person to find his/her life partner.But this powerful and effective wazifa will help you to find your life partner and to have a healthy and long lasting relationship.

If you’ve been searching for a good life partner, but don’t seem to be meeting any you’re interested in, then you should consider making du’a (supplication) to Allah .But  making du’a is the best means by which to ask Allah for what you want. Our dua are never reject ; Allah answers all dua .

Step by step Surah For Good Life Partner -

  • You have to perform compulsory five-time salah every day.
  • Recite “Rabbi hablee min ladunka zaujan tayyiban wayakoonaa sahiban lee fiddeeni wadunyaa wal aahirat” this surah 121 times after every Salah.
  • Make sure to recite each word with proper pronunciation.
  • If you make any mistake, say Astaghfirullah x 10 times and start from the beginning.

Recite the above mentioned Surah for 11 days with full faith and trust in Allah Ta’la .

Benefits of reading Surah for the good life partner :-

  1. This is very powerful and helps you to find right and ideal partner for you.
  2. This works as a blessing from Allah to get a good life partner.
  3. This is very effective surah and helped lot of people to get a good life partner .
  4. With good life partner you also get a happy married life for this you can perform a surah for happy married life .
  5. Wazifa for good life partner helps to make the good decision while choosing the partner.
  6. This is a very beautiful and helped a lot of people to get their partner . If you want to marry your love you can perform a Surah to get married to love .

Surah Taha For Broken Heart -

A surah made to Allah for a broken heart helps you get happiness in your life and help you to forget that person . It helps to find your love .

A reason for the heart break is loving a wrong person . But To forget that person perform a Surah to forget someone this will help you to move on in your life . Pray to Allah to heal you from the pain of broken heart .

Broken heart leads to sadness , depression, trust issues , loneliness and to turn all this into happiness pray to Allah . Make a surah to Allah for a broken heart . Therefore ,  A surah taha for broken heart removes pain from your life helps to move on in your life .

Procedure of performing Surah to fix broken heart -

  1.  Firstly make a fresh ablution .
  2. Then  Read Durood Sharif three times .
  3. After that , read a following verse
  4. ” Allahumma Rahmataka Arju Fala Takilni Ila Nafsi Tarfata ‘ Aynin Wa Aslih Li sha’ni kullahu La Ilaha Ila Anta “
  5. Read it 101 times, at least .
  6.  In the end again recite durood sharif three times.

Perform dua for 11 days to heal the pain of broken heart and fix your heart to get rid of all the pain you’re facing . But Allah Ta’la always bless his childrens and bring them out of pain . So, always Keep faith and trust in Allah Ta’la . 

Why Dua Is Not Heard by ALLAH ?

There are so many reasons why dua is not heard by Allah , But we need to solve it. We should try to solve it by following the steps which i have mentioned in this blog. Dua can only be heard by Allah when we are healthy and strong. We should try to follow the simple steps which are mentioned below.

Therefore , there are a few reasons as to why your dua, or supplication, may not be getting answered.

The first reason could be that your dua is weak – this means that you’re not asking for it correctly, with the right level of emotion and faith. In order to make a proper dua, you should have strong Iman.

The second reason could be that you’re not pure. This refers to if you’re doing anything haram – If you’re participating in any activities that are forbidden in Islam, then your dua will not be accepted by Allah.

The third reason is that you’re not sending a greeting towards Prophet PBUH. Your dua will not be heard by Allah until you send peace to His messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Do Dua really works ? Will it help me to make the person I love fall in love with me ?  yes, you can make the person fall in love with you with help of dua . The above mentioned dua is very powerful and helpful and helped lot of people to get love of there life . 

The above mentioned articles includes different dua’s all dua’s are very effective and powerful . But You are reading this article because you have tried everything to get succeed in your life but you failed . So, choose this path of dua it will connects you To Allah Ta’la and helps you to seek blessings from Allah Ta’la for you love life .

Which dua should I perform to increase love and affection in my husband’s heart ?    Perform the wazifa for husband’s love to increase the love and affection in husband’s heart and also this wazifa will help you to make your husband listen to you and obey your decisions . But The dua’s and wazifa’s are the best way to seek guidance of Allah Ta’la and are very helpul and effective way. 

Do Dua’s have any time limit or for How much Time should I perform the dua ?                    This is the mostly asked question and a topic of doubt for everbody . So, dua have no time limit you can perform dua till you get the desired results . But Perform Dua with full faith and trust in Allah Ta’la and  don’t stop dua in between if you have started dua you must perform it wth full dedication and sincerity . 

Consult Molana Rashid Ali for immmediate results -

If you’re having any difficulties understanding or performing the Surah, feel free to contact us anytime. We’re available 24/7 to help you with any problems you may have. Our Islamic scholars and specialists are always here to help, and they can provide you with the best possible solutions. You can directly contact them on WhatsApp and ask for help. They’ll be more than happy to provide you with the best solution they can.