Most Powerful Surah For Pious Children In Islam

Everyone wants there child to be well mannered and disciplined. But today’s generation is getting attached to social media and start making gap from their parents and due to this they are becoming indisciplined and aggressive .

So , to make your child disciplined and well mannered toady we are sharing the best surah with you . This surah helps you to connect your child with you and they’ll become well mannered.

This surah for pious children helps you to connect your children with your culture and your religion and they will show deep belief in religion.

How To Perform This Surah for Pious Children :-

1.Start this surah on any ordinary day and at any suitable time.

• Firstly, make a fresh ablution.

• Recite Surah number 109, Surah Al-Kafiroon one hundred (100) times in the following way. When you reach the end (Waliyadeen), imagine that your child has come to the righteous and pious path.

• In the last , after completing the entire process, blow into some clean and pure water and let the boy/girl drink it. If you are pregnant and doing for your unborn baby you can drink yourself

 Surah for Pious Children
Surah for Pious Children

There is not a fixed limit for this surah . One can continue this until he wants.If ALLAH wills, your daughter or son will become very noble, virtuous, obedient, and disciplined. ALLAH The Almighty will protect them from all the bad habits and evil acts.

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Benefits of reading this surah are :-

  1. This surah helps to become your child –
    • Noble
    • Virtuous
    • Obedient
    • Disciplined
  2. This surah helps to attach your child to your culture .
    Keep faith in Allah and you will seen the positive results soon.

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