Powerful Surah For someone special you love

Loving someone is the best and purest feeling. If you love someone you will care for them and also respect them . Loving some is not wrong whether it is the best to express yourself and love is the best feeling to share . Love is very special bond and in each realtion love has different defintion .

To make this love even more stronger you can perform a surah for someone special you love . This helps to increase the love . It also help to strengthen your bond with that person if you are married and you want to increase love between you and your spouse then also this surah will be very beneficial for you . In case you are in love relationship with someone and want to make make your bond more stronger then also this surah will be very helpful and beneficial to you .

It also makes the person you love fall in love with you . Surah for someone love creates a strong feeling of love and affection in heart of that person for you. For whom you’ll perform this surah that person will madly for you and start loving you even more and respects you and cares for you alot .

If your love is not with you or had left you and you want your love back than you can recite a Surah for love back. It helps you to get back your love .

Read full article till the end to get the proper knowledge and always keep the precautions in mind while performing the surah . You should perform surah with full dedication and with full faith in Allah to get the best and positive results .

Here is Surah For Someone You Love Step by Step

• Firstly , make a fresh ablution and sit facing Qibla.

• Start off with salawat on the prophet saw.

• Recite (al-ʿazīz 1100 times) beautiful name of Allah and praise Allah.

• Now raise your hands in the position of making a surah.

• In the end, ask your wish from Almighty with complete faith in your surah.

Surah For Someone Special You Love
Surah For Someone Special You Love

Do this dua once a day for 21 days and Insha Allah you will be able to get your desired results asap.

Beautiful Surah For Someone Special You Love in the Following Steps

• Take a shower and sit in a silent room.

• Recite Durood Sharif 11 times.

• Then recite Surah Maryam 7 times.

• Again recite Durood Sharif 11 times.

• In the end raise your hands and make your surah to Allah (SWT).

Beautiful Surah For Someone Special You Love
Beautiful Surah For Someone Special You Love

Benefits of reading Surah for someone special you love:-

  1. It makes your bond stronger and increase love .
  2. Keep your relationship away from negativity and fulfil it with positivity.
  3. If you want to make your relationship bond more this surah will be best for this .
  4. Help to remove obstacles from your relationship.

Important points to be kept in mind while performing the Surah:-

  1. Firstly ,One should have good intentions.
  2. Do it regularly and don’t skip in between .
  3. Women’s should avoid performing surah during mensuration period.

To get good life partner you should perform surah for good life partner . This helps you to get happy married life and a good life partner.

Dua For Something You Really Want

Everyone wants to achieve the things they want in the there life . It can be dreams , it can be the person you love. So today we are sharing the best method to get what you want Dua For Something You Really Want . It is done under the guidance of Allah no unuseful or haram means are used . It is very beneficial and very effective and helped lot of people to get what they really want .

Everyone dreams to achieve everything in there life but sometimes after trying a lot also you get failed to achieve what you want . So this dua to get what you want will be very beneficial to you to get what you really want and you can achieve all the things you want in your life .

All you need to do is you have to keep faith and Trust in Allah and perform the surah with full dedication and properly . Do not skip in between . If you feel any problem or you want to ask any question you can directly contact us on whats app and share your problem with us we will provide you with the best solution .

Dua For Love Back

Loving someone is best and very precious feeling but when the person you love leaves you due to fights or misunderstandings it is very painful . So, to get the love back you should perfrom dua for love back this dua will helps you to bring your love back to you .

Here we are mentioning the steps to bring your love back :-

Dua For Love Back:-

  1. Make fresh ablution.
  2. Then recite this dua after fajr in the morning.
  3. Pray at least 50 times.
  4. “Allaumma – almin azwajina dhuriyyatina qurrata a- ayunin “
  5. Dua for love will bring your love back into your life.

Perform this dua for 11 days and do not skip in between perform it with full sincerity and have faith and trust in Allah . As this all is performed in the guidance of Allah and a prayer offered to Allah with Pure heart always gives out best and positive results . while performing the dua keep the precautions always in mind .

Dua for Making My Crush Fall in Love

Loving someone is the best feeling. If you love someone and the person you love don’t know your feelings and you feel scared while sharing your feelings to him / her but want them to your partner . Here is the best solution to share your feelings and also make that person fall in love with you.

Here is Dua For Making my crush fall in love –

• Firstly, do fresh ablution.

• Then Recite Ayatul kursi Verse (255) For seven Times.

• Now say “Astaghfirullah”  5 times.

• After That Recite “Ya’lamu ma bayna’ aydihim wa-ma khalfahum” 100 times.

• Finally, Pray to Almighty Allah SWT to make your crush loves you.

Perform this dua to make your crush fall in love for 11 days . Don’t skip dua in between. Perform this dua with full faith and trust in Allah SWT.

Consult us :-

If you feel any kind of difficulty or problem in understanding the procedure or difficulty in performing Surah . So, you can feel free to contact us anytime we are 24*7 available to hear your problems . The islamic scholar and the specialist Molana Rashid Ali is always here to hear you and provides you with the best solutions . You can Directly contact him on Whats app and ask about the solution for your problems . He will provide you the most effective and best solutions .

Frequently Asked Questions :

Do this surah for someone special you love will help me to make my crush fall in love with me ?

yess , surah for someone special you love mentioned above will help you to make your crush fall in love and also helps to strengthen your bond of love .

I want my love back !! what should I do ?

To get your love back you should recite a dua for love back this will help you to bring your love back and also solves all the conflicts between you and your partner . For more consultance feel free to contact Molana Rashid Ali ji on what’s app .

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