Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage

Asslam Alaikum to all sisters and brothers . If you are in a forceful marriage and you need to break your marriage or engagement . Perform this wazifa to break engagement and marriage. This wazifa helps you to get free from the forceful marriages and enagagements .

You can also perform this wazifa if your lover is getting married and you want to break there marriage or engagement because you want to marry them . But keep in mind that the other for whom you are performing this surah also eant the same anfd want to break their marriage or engagement .

If you do not want to be engaged or married . Start performing this to break engagement and marriage . If you to marry your love perform surah for love marriage. The surah for love marriage helps to get married to the person you love with the permission of your parents .

Procedure To Perform “Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage ?” Step by Step:-

A person who is in love and wants to marry someone ; but the other person did not want to get marry ; has to perform this dua.

• The first step is that the person in love should perform a wazifa to break the marriage by saying “Bismillah” and then recite Surah Al-Ikhlas 10 times.

• The second step is that the person should recite Surah Al-Falaq 10 times.

• The third step is that the person should recite Surah An-Nas 10 times.

• The fourth step is that the person should , recite Ayatul Kursi 3 times after every time they finish reciting Surah An-Nas.

• The fifth and final step is that they should pray to Allah (SWT).

Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage
Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage

Perform this wazifa for 21 days with pure heart . Do not keep any bad intentions in your mind because a wazifa with bad intentions do not give you any result .

7 Procedure To Perform Wazifa to Someone Breaking Engagement And Marriage:-

• Firstly, There was no set time for this wazifa, you’ll be able to read it at any time once on a
daily basis.

• But the time of performing this wazifa should remain identical. as For example, you have got to perform wazifa to break the link at 5 p.m for all consecutive days.

• Before starting the Wazifa, you should make to wuzu with clean, freshwater.

• Then, read the durood sharif 11 times.

• After that, you must now read dua to interrupt engagement 79 times.

• After completing this, you ought to now reread the durood sharif.

• Finally, pray to Allah for your wish to interrupt someone’s engagement

These are the ways to perform the Wazifa to break engagement and marriage .

Benefits of performing wazifa to break engagement and marriage:-

  1. Firstly , this helps you to marry your love .
  2. This wazifa helps you to get free from forceful marriage .
  3. This helps you to get married according to your choice .
  4. Helps to break unwanted relations .

Dua To Heal A Broken Heart

Broken heart leads to a lot of pain . If you are suffering from the broken heart it means you are suffering from the lot of pain . So , to get rid from this pain and to move on in life you should perform this dua to heal a broken heart . This dua helps you to heal from this pain of broken heart and also helps to move on in life .

A dua made to Allah for a broken heart helps you get happiness in your life and help you to forget that person . It helps to find your love . All you need to do is you have to keep faith and trust in Allah and offer a prayer to Allah with good intentions and pure heart.

Broken heart leads to sadness , depression, trust issues , loneliness and to turn all this into happiness pray to Allah .

Here is Dua To Heal a Broken Heart

  • Firstly , Take a bath .
  • Then  Recite this the dua after isha prayer.

“YaaHayyuyaaQayyoom, bi Rahmatikaastagheeth”

  • Always Perform this dua after the namaz of Isha.

“YaHayyuYa Qayyum, Astagfirullah”

Do this ritual for one week within one week you will heal your broken heart. if you need any help you can contact Mr. Rashid Ali  .

Consult us :-

If you feel any kind of difficulty or problem in understanding the procedure or difficulty in performing Surah . So, you can feel free to contact us anytime we are 24*7 available to hear your problems . The islamic scholar and the specialist Molana Rashid Ali is always here to hear you and provides you with the best solutions . you can Directly contact him on Whats app and ask about the solution for your problems . He will provide you the most effective and best solutions .

Frequently Asked Questions –

Who can perform this dua?

The person whose heart has broken due to failures such as relationship failure , love failure , study failures etc .

How surah break engagement works ?

The surah to engagement is mentioned above it works in the cases you are in forceful marriage or unwanted marriges or engagements . But if you perform this surah you will get free from all this forceful marriage or engagements .

Is this dua , surah and wazifa can only be recited by Muslims ?

No, But the persons who believe in Allah and the holy book Quran can recite this dua , surah and wazifa . Anyone can offer this dua with belief in god. But this will help you to do miracles. the thing which is necessary to perform this dua , surah and wazifa is trust and faith in Allah Ta’la .

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