Surah To Get Married With Your Love

If you love someone and wants to marry with him or her but facing problems such as – family issues
– caste issues… etc .
Here we have a solution to get marry with your love one ;We provide you surah to get married to your love which you can perform by yourself to get marry to your love .

Lot of people face this problem in getting marry with their love one ;But surah to Allah can solve your issue of getting married to your love as a surah to get married to your love helps you get married to person you love without any problem .

Perform a surah to Allah to get marry to your love and for happy marriage life you can perform a surah for happy married life. This surah for happy married life helps you to have a happy and lovely marriage life and also increase love between you and your couple .

Here Is Surah For Marriage With A Loved One Step By Step –

• Make a fresh wuzu.

• Read Durood Sharif 11 times.

• After that recite Surah-E-Muzammil.

• Then repeat Durood Sharif 11 times.

• Continue “Surah for marriage with a loved one” for 41 days.

Surah For Marriage With A Loved One Step By Step
Surah For Marriage With A Loved One Step By Step –

Insha Allah, within 41 days, you will get your desired results. You have to keep patience and faith in Allah. He knows what’s best for us.

You can also perform a wazifa for getting married to your love :

Here Is Wazifa For Marriage With A loved One In The Following Steps –

• First of all, make yourself clean.

• Set a fixed place and timing for this wazifa.

• Read Durood Sharif 11 times.

• Then recite Surah Rahman three times.

• Repeat Durood Sharif 11 times.

Wazifa For Marriage With A loved One
Wazifa For Marriage With A loved One

Perform these surah’ s in a proper manner to get good results .

Just have a faith in Allah and Allah will help you to get marry to your love and also gives you happiness in your life .

Some precautions should be taken while ; performing a surah for getting marry to your love .

Precautions to Perform Wazifa & Surah for Marriage with a Loved One –

• Remember, don’t skip a single day.

• You have to perform all compulsory prayers.

• Women should avoid during periods.

• Please keep performing these methods until you get marry.

• You have to perform it at the same time and place every day.

These precautions should be kept in mind ; while performing the surah and wazifa .

Perfrom this surah to get a happy marry life with your loved one . Surah For Happy Married Life. .

Benefits of reading a Surah to get marry to your love :-

  1. This surah help you to marry your love soon .
  2. This is very effective surah and helped a lot of people since ages.
  3. Keep yourself clean while performing a surah .
  4. This surah helps you alot in your married life .

Wazifa for Successful Marriage Life

Marriage is a very beautiful relation . Everyone wants there marriage to be a successful marriage free from fights and misunderstandings . So , to have a successful marriage one should perform this Wazifa For Successful Marriage Life .

All you need to do is keep faith and trust in Allah Ta’la . A prayer offered to Allah with pure heart and good intentions always gives out best and positive results .

The process to perform Wazifa for successful marriage life is as follows:

  • Firstly ,Take a bath and get fresh.
  • Then wear neat and clean clothes.
  • Then take a piece of Sweet .
  • Recite the Ayat:

“Laqad jaakum rasoolun min anfusikum

AAazeezun AAalayhi ma AAanittum hareesun

AAalaykum bialmu/mineena raoofun raheemun.”

  • Recite it for a total of 30 times in one go
  • Now, recite the Darood
  • The Darood to be recited is:

“allahumma salli ala sayyidina muhammadin wa alihi wa sahbihi kama tuhibbu wa turza.”

  • Recite it for a total of 100 times in one go
  • Now, give a blow on the piece of sweet
  • Cut the piece of sweet into two halves
  • Eat one piece and give the other to your spouse

Perform this Wazifa for a total of 40 days and do not skip in between and perform it daily and keep all the prcautions in mind .

Consult us :-

If you feel any kind of difficulty or problem in understanding the procedure or difficulty in performing Surah . So, you can feel free to contact us anytime we are 24*7 available to hear your problems . The islamic scholar and the specialist Molana Rashid Ali is always here to hear you and provides you with the best solutions . You can Directly contact him on Whats app and ask about the solution for your problems . He will provide you the most effective and best solutions .

Most Frequent Questions Asked :-

Can we perform surah for marriage with your love for one sided love ?

No, you can not perform this surah for one sided love because to get results from this surah both the person should have same feelings . For one sided love you can perform Surah to make someone fall in love with you .

How to perfom wazifa for successful marriage life ?

To perform wazifa for successful marriage all the steps are mention above read them carefully and perform the surah . Just keep in mind do not skip in between and keep all the precautions in mind while performinf the wazifa .

 Is it done under the guidance of Allah ?

yess , it is done in the guidance and all this our practiced since ages and all this surah , dua and wazifa our provided you by the guidance of Quran . Nothing is haram in this . So , don’t worry the things done under Allah are always pure and beneficial have no haram to you .

Is it beneficial and is it truly works ?

 Yess , it is beneficial and it truly works as it is work under the guidance of Allah and if you offer a prayer to Allah with pure heart . It will surely gives you positive results. So , If you are in problem consult us and perform the surah , it is the best solution .

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