Dua To Get Your Husband Back

Today we will talk about the problem Lot of women’s face like divorce , no love from husband’s side for them their is way to get their husband back . Just have faith in Allah and Dua to Allah helps you to get your husband back .

Marriage is a very beautiful relationship in the life of everyone and for happy marriage life you can perform a Surah for happy married life .
But due to some misunderstanding between husband and wife they gets separate for this you can perform a Dua to get husband back .

This dua is very effective and helps you to get your husband back. This dua specially for women’s they perform this dua to get their husband back .

Dua To Get Your Husband Back

Here is the step by step process to perform Dua To Get Your Husband Back In Your Life –

  1. Firstly , You have to read this dua after every Salah.
  2. Read verse no. 21 of Surah-An-Nisa 50 times.
  3. Then ask Almighty Allah (SWT) to return your husband in your life.
  4. Keep doing this, Dua, until you see positive results.
Dua To Get Husband Back
Dua To Get Husband Back helps to bring your husband back to you .

Perform this dua for 21 days and don’t skip in between you will get the results soon .

Here is Wazifa To Bring Your Husband Back

  1. Firstly , Make a fresh ablution.
  2. Then Sit on your prayer mat.
  3. Read Durood Sharif 11 times.
  4. After that, recite Ya Latifu Ya Wadudu 1100 times.
  5. In the end, again read Durood Sharif 11 times.
  6. Now blow on 11 pieces of black peepers and set them on fire.
Wazifa To Bring Your Husband Back
Wazifa To Bring Your Husband Back

This wazifa helps you to get your husband back . Perform this wazifa properly. Do not skip in between . If you want a happy married life perform a Surah For Happy Married Life.

Steps to perform Dua To Get My Husband Back Fast:-

  1. Firstly , Make a fresh absolution.
  2. Then Recite Darood Sharif 11 times.
  3. Then read the following verse 101 times “Allahuma anzuria wanzuri alfarq bayn adam wahawa”.
  4. Again recite Darood Sharif 11 times.
  5. Now ask Allah SWT to fulfill your wish.
  6. Insha Allah, you will get your husband back within a few days.

While performing a Dua To Get Your Husband Back precautions should be taken:-

  1. Women should not perform during their menstruation period.
  2. Always read surah at the same place .
  3. Keep yourself clean and also the surroundings where you are reading the surah .
  4. Perfrom it daily don’t skip .

Wazifa To Bring Husband and Wife Closer

The relation of husband and wife is one of the purest relation . It is the relation of respect , love and care . Everyone wants to have a loving and caring partner in there life . But due to some misunderstandings this beautiful relation gets destroyed and lot of distance occurs between husband and wife .

This relation of husband and wife is very trustworthy relation . But sometimes this relation do not work because of fights, misunderstanding, lack of time , lack of understanding and lack of love .Here , we are sharing the best solution to bring husband and wife closer and increase love between them , the Wazifa to bring husband and wife closer .  

All you need to do is keep trust and faith in Allah and a prayer offered to Allah to with pure heart will surely gives out the best result .

As we all uneven or unproper knowledge is always dangerous so to know more about this wazifa read this full article Wazifa to bring husband and wife closer .

Dua For Husband Love And Respect

 If you are married and your husband did not love you and give you respect , and if you want to get love and respect from your husband . This dua for husband love and respect will help you to get that easily . Every women wants to have a loving husband and a person who respects them .

If you want to increase love in husband’s heart and want him to respect you perform this dua for husband love and respect with full dedication . Perform this surah for 21 days do not skip in between , perform it with full faith in Allah and soon you will see the changes in the behaviour of your husband . This dua also increases love in your Husband’s heart .

How To Perform Wazifa For Husband Love ?

If you want to perform Wazifa For Husband Love, then follow the process step by step –

  1. First of all, take a bath every day before starting the Wazifa.
  2. Next, you have to chant Durood Sharif 11 times.
  3. Then recite verses 29 and 30 of Surah Yusuf on some sweet eatables.
  4. Again read Durood Sharif 11 times.
  5. In the end, both husband and wife should eat those sweets.

If you want more deatailed information about the Dua for husband love and respect and perform it with full sincerity .

You’ve had a falling out with your husband. Maybe there were misunderstandings, arguments, or even a separation. But deep down, you still love him and wish for things to be as they once were. In such situations, turning to spiritual practices can offer solace and help mend broken relationships. This article will guide you on how to use the power of dua to get your husband back and restore love and harmony in your marriage.

What is the Power of Dua?

Dua is an Arabic term that translates to “supplication” in English. It is a form of prayer offered to Allah, seeking guidance, help, or blessings. Muslims believe that dua is a powerful tool that can bring about positive changes in one’s life, including healing relationships.

Understanding the Importance of Intention

Before we dive into the specific dua to get your husband back, it is crucial to understand the importance of intention. When making dua, your intention should solely be to reconcile with your husband and rebuild your relationship on a foundation of love and understanding. Your intention should be pure, sincere, and devoid of any malice or ill intentions.

Dua to Get Your Husband Back: Steps to Follow

  1. First and foremost, find a peaceful and quiet place where you can focus on your dua without distractions. It could be a corner in your home or a mosque where you feel connected to the divine.
  2. Begin by performing ablution (wudu) to purify yourself before engaging in dua. A clean body and mind can enhance the effectiveness of your prayers.
  3. Start with reciting the dua for reconciliation and restoration of the relationship. If you are unfamiliar with Arabic, you can also recite it in your native language.
    “Our Lord, bring us together in this world and in the Hereafter and save us from the punishment of the Fire.” (Quran 2:201)
    This dua explicitly seeks unity and protection from any harm or separation. Repeat this dua with utmost devotion and belief in its power.
  4. Alongside the recitation of this dua, engage in heartfelt conversations with Allah, expressing your deepest desires, emotions, and wishes. Pour out your heart and seek His help in bringing your husband back into your life.
  5. Alongside dua, take practical steps to improve yourself and your relationship. Reflect on the reasons that led to the discord and work on self-improvement. Show kindness, understanding, and forgiveness towards your husband. Be patient and give him the space he might need to heal and reconcile.
  6. Consistency is key. Offer your dua regularly, preferably after performing the obligatory prayers. Set aside dedicated time every day to connect with Allah and seek His intervention in your marital situation.
  7. Have faith in the power of dua. Believe that Allah listens to your prayers and that He will guide you towards the best outcome. Have patience, as sometimes healing and reconciliation take time.

The Importance of Seeking Professional Help

While dua is a powerful spiritual practice, it is essential to acknowledge that every situation is unique, and sometimes professional guidance also plays a crucial role in resolving marital issues. If you find that despite your efforts, the situation does not improve or become unbearable, do not hesitate to seek help from an experienced marriage counselor or therapist. They can provide unbiased guidance and strategies tailored to your specific circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Rebuilding a broken relationship requires patience, perseverance, and, most importantly, an unwavering belief in the power of dua. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can tap into the divine assistance and work towards restoring love and harmony with your husband. Remember, dua alone may not solve all the problems, but it can serve as a catalyst for positive change. Keep your intentions pure, be proactive, and have faith that love can conquer all.

Consult us –

If you feel any kind of problem or you need to ask any question about the surah , dua and wazifa or you feel any problem in performing this dua or you want us to perform this dua for you always feel free to contact us . Our Molana Rashid Ali is 24*7 available for you to hear your problems you can directly contact him on whats app and talk to him and share your problems with him .

Frequently Asked Questions –

Is it done under the guidance of Allah ?

Yes , it is done under the guidance of Allah and it is not haram if one is doing with good intemntions .

How to perform dua to get your husband back ?

All the steps for performing the dua are mentioned above one should perform this dua with pure intentions . If you still feel any problem contact Mr. Rashid Ali .

Do this wazifa for husband wife to bring closer can be performed by anyone from the couple ?

It depends on you anyone it can be husband or wife anyone can perform this wazifa for husband and wife to bring closer . This wazifa brings you closer to your partner and also increases love between you and your partner .

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