Surah To Know The Hidden Truth About Someone

If you are facing issues in judging the people or want to know someone or something truth for this you can recite a Surah to know the hidden Truth about someone.

This surah helps you know about the reality and about the people’s thinking .Firstly , You will get know this by your dreams . Dreams help you to know the truth about the people.

Allah helps you to know the truth by different ways and whatever way you know the trust it is all due to the Allah .

Surah To Know The Hidden Truth :-

• Firstly, Read the surah after Isha Salah.

• Then recite verse no. 3o of Surah Luqman 99 times. (I have mentioned below).

• “Zaalika bi annal laaha Huwal Haqqu wa anna maa yad’oona min doonihil baatilu wa annal laaha Huwal ‘Aliyyul Kabeer “

• In the end, ask Allah to help you find the truth.

Surah To Know The Hidden Truth
Surah To Know The Hidden Truth

Insha Allah, within 21 days, you will get to know the truth you were seeking.

Some important points to be kept in mind while performing this ” Surah to know hidden Truth about someone ” :-

  1. Firstly , Keep yourself clean and surrounding clean.
  2. Have a good intentions while performing the surah .
  3. Sit in the quiet and comfortable place .
  4. Have faith in Allah and Allah will guide you in your path .

Surah To Make Someone Speak The Truth :-

• Firstly Recite Ayatul kursi 3 times.

• Then read Surah At-Talaq Ayah #399 times. (I have mentioned below).

• “Wa yarzuqhu min haisu laa yahtasib; wa many yatawakkal ‘alal laahi fahuwa hasbuh; innal laaha baalighu amrih; qad ja’alal laahu likulli shai’in qadraa”.

• In the final step, raise your hands and ask the Almighty to help you to make someone reveal their truth in front of you.

Surah To Make Someone Speak The Truth

This surah will give you result within 21 days .

Precaution while performing the surah to know the hidden truth about someone:-

  1. Firstly , Women should not perform during menstruation period.
  2. Always Keep yourself and surrounding clean .
  3. Have good intentions.

If want something but not able to get that so don’t be upset . Perform Surah To Get What You Want .

Frequently Asked Questions :-

I want to know the truth my husband is hiding ? what should I do ?

To know the hidden truth of your husband you should recite the above mentioned surah with faith and trust in Allah and always keep you intentions good .

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