Surah To Stop Thinking About Or to Get Over Someone

If you want to stop thinking about someone or want to get over someone ; but you are not able to do that and continously thinks about the person . So , don’t worry because here we bring you a solution.

Surah to stop thinking about someone helps you to forget that person and helps to move on in your life . This situation generally when a person suffers from the heart break ; because if you love a person too much and he or she lefts you so you can’t stop thinking about them and not able to move on but this surah helps you to stop thinking and get over the person .

Surah is a islamic prayer which helps you to get the solution of your problems and brings happiness in your life.

Surah To Stop Thinking About Someone Step By Step :-

• The first step is to Perform Ablution.

• Then recite Ayatul kursi seven times.

• After that, recite Surah Baqarah ayah 216 Twenty times.

• In the last step, raise your hands and ask Allah , to ease your pain and make you stop thinking about that person.

Surah To Stop Thinking About Someone
Surah To Stop Thinking About Someone

Perform this surah for 21 days and with full dedication . Have faith in Allah because he knows all your pain . A prayer to Allah to help you to reduce pain and stress .

If you want to forget someone but not able to do so perform a Surah To Forget Someone.

Procedure To Perform ” Dua To Get Over Someone ” Step By Step :

• You have to perform all five compulsory Salah.

• Recite “la ilaha illa anta subhanaka inneekuntu mina aththalimeen” as many times as you can after every salah.

• In the end, ask Allah (SWT) to help you in your situation.

• Keep the purpose in your heart while performing the dua.

Dua To Get Over Someone

If you always think about the person such as what he is doing or where he will be; Or you think about your old memory and this all is very painful to you to stop all this perform a Surah to stop thinking about someone. You can also perform a powerful surah to remove someone from your life .

Surah to remove someone from your life helps you to remove the people from your life whom you don’t want or the people who gave you pain and emotional torture .

How to Perform Dua To Remove Someone From Your Life?

• You have to perform this dua before going to sleep.

• Recite “Allaahumma ‘innee ‘a’oothu bika min jahdil-balaa’i, wa darakish-shaqaa’i,wa soo’il qadhaa’i, wa shamaatatil-‘a’ada.” 1100 times.

• After that, pray to the Almighty to ease your difficult time and bring peace to your life.

Other physical activities or making yourself busy in different chores help you to forget the person and stop thinking about the person.

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