Surah To Win A Court Case

Asslam Alaikum, Today we are here to provide you the best the surah for a never ending problem the court cases which runs for the life time and don’t give you any solution .To get rid of this never ending problem here is the solution which helps to win the court cases.

Firstly ,this Surah to win a court case ensures you to win the court cases . I know it is difficult to believe but believe this Surah will help you to win the court cases .

The process of this surah to win a court case is as follows

1. Firstly ,perform wudu and sit down to perform Fajr namaz.

2. Then read Darood Shareef for 11 times.

3. From the holy Quran, read Surah Fatiha and Surah Tooronce.

4. Then again, read Durood Sharif.

5. After this, ask Allah to bless you and help you in winning the court case.

Surah To Win A Court Case
Surah To Win A Court Case

If you continue this surah for two weeks, you will definitely win the court case.

Have faith in Allah and Allah will solve all your problems.

Benefits of This Surah :-

  1. Firstly , This Surah helps you to win the court case.
  2. Helps to get rid of this lifetime problem.
  3. It ensures you to have decision on your side .

As we all know this court cases need lot of money investments , also the investment of time and mainly this cases run for very long time and due you have to deal with lots of financial problems . To get of all this problems here is the solution read the above mentioned surah and perform it with full dedidcation .

Dua To Get Someone Out of Jail

If your family member is in jail from long time and you are not able to get him out after lot of try .So , here we bring you thebest solution dua to get someone out of jail.

Here is “Dua To Get Someone Out of Jail” Step By Step

1.Firstly , begin with afresh ablution. (Wudu)

2. After that, sit in a peaceful place and seek Forgiveness From Allah.

3. Read Darood Sharif three times.

4. Now, take a white paper and write verses of SURAH AL-NAML from chapter 27.

5. Take the name of the person you want out of prison, blow it on the paper, and put the paper near the Holy Quran.

6. In the last again, repeat the Darood Sharif three times.

Dua to get someone out of jail

Dua to release from jail with Step by Step procedure:

Start by cleaning yourself thoroughly or performing Wudu. After that, Ask Him for forgiveness; say Astaghfirullah x 3 times. Now recite this verse, “HAAZIHIN NAARUL LATEE KUNTUM BIHAA TUKAZZIBOON,“ from chapter 52, Surah AT-TUR after Fazar namaz. In the end, ask Almighty Allah (SWT) for help. Inshallah, you will succeed in your court case and get released from jail.

Steps to perform Dua for freedom from oppression:

1. Firstly , begin with a proper Wudu.

2. After that, “Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem“ x 9 times. 

3. Now read this verse “LAILATUL QADRI KHAIRUM MIN ALFEE SHAHR” from “SURAH AL-QADR” after Isha namaz.

4. Then pray to Allah (SWT) It is good to believe in Allah and pray for his blessings during the entire process.

Do this Ritual for seven days after any Salah. Inshaallah, after seven days, you will get freedom from oppression.

Dua for freedom from oppression

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