Surah to get what you want : Achieve Your Goals

If you are not able to achieve your goals and not able to get what you want in your life . It is too catchy topic but it is true you can get what you want .

Read the full article till the last . Carefully and sincerely and perform the given surah to get what you want in your life .

Steps to perform Surah to get what you want :-

• You have to go to a silent room to perform this Surah.

• After Ishaa namza Recite “Bismillah hir-Rahman Nirrahim” 1000 times.

• Then pray two Rakat Nafil.

• Repeat this process 12 times.

• Insha Allah, you will get your desired wish answered on the next day .

Surah To Get What You Want
Surah To Get What You Want

If you need you love in the life so you can perform surah to make someone fall in love with you .
We make you sure that performing surah to get the things you want is true it seems to be catchy but it is worthy asking Allah for the things you want .

Perform this with full dedication, patience and with your heart and have faith in Allah and Allah helps you to get the things you want.

Precautions while performing the surah for the things you want:-

  1. Keep yourself clean
  2. Women should avoid performing during their menstruation period
  3. Keep the surroundings clean .
  4. Have good and positive thoughts in mind .

If you want to do love marriage but your parents are against your love marriage than perform a Surah For Love Marriage To Agree Parents .

Important points :-

  1. Be patient ,you should keep patience while performing the surah.
  2. Be positive, keep positive thoughts in mind .
  3. Be thankful, thanks to Allah for everything.
  4. Be sincere, do with full sincerity.

If you want any help Orr need to know more or not able to do this yourself contact us we will do this on your behalf .

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