The Powerful Surah to Attract Someone Towards You

Asslam Alaikum , Today we will talk about the enchanting Surah To Attract Someone Towards You.

It helps you to Attract you lover , your husband / wife , crush and also make them fall in love you .

Many people want to attract their crush Orr lover towards them . But get unsuccessful but this islamic way helps you to Attract Someone Towards You.

Follow the given steps carefully and regularly for 11 days and you will seen the results soon :-

Surah To Attract Someone toward you :-

Here is the step by step process to perform Surah To Attract Someone Toward You –

• First of all, remember always to wear clean clothes when praying.

• Find a comfortable place away from distractions and make yourself a comfortable position.

• Then, put a picture of the person you want in front of your prayer mat.

• When praying, look at the photo and recite the verse “Iihum Ruksaar Nigham e Noor.”

• You must repeat it at least 101 times.

Surah To Attract Someone Towards You

Do this surah for 11 days regularly and soon you’ll see the results. Inshaallah, you will notice the change in the person soon and that person will start attracting towards you .

Steps to perform Wazifa For Making Someone Attracted Towards You :-

• Take a bath and wear neat and clean clothes.

• Read Durood Sharif seven times.

• Now recite “Ya Wadudu Ya Raufu Ya Raheem” 333 times.

• Again read Durood Sharif seven times.

• In the end, Make dua to Almighty Allah (SWT) to make that person get attracted towards you.

Wazifa For Making Someone Attracted Towards You
Wazifa For Making Someone Attracted Towards You

Perform this wazifa for seven days regularly to see the steady results . Just have faith in Allah and Allah will help you to get the desired results. If you want your ex lover back perform a Surah to get love back .

Precautions should be taken while performing ” Surah To Attract Someone Towards You” :-

  1. Have good intentions while performing surah .
  2. Women should not perform surah during their menstruation period.
  3. Keep yourself clean and also keep the surroundings clean.

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