Surah For Newly Married Couple

Today’s young generation do not understand the relation of marriage and due to this lot of problems occurs in their married life .To get rid of these problems ; here ; surah for newly married couple ; which helps them to have a happy and lovely married life.

This Surah for newly married couple helps the young people to have good understanding and increases love in their married life and also helps to have a happy married life .

Steps to perform Surah For Newly Married Couple:-

1. Firstly , Start reading fazr namaz in the morning and go to a silent room to make prayer.

2. Now, take a fresh sweet in your hand and then take the name of your partner.

3. Now read surah al Quran 43 times and make a blow in the air.

Surah For Newly Married Couple this surah helps you to have a happy married life .
Surah For Newly Married Couple this surah helps you to have a happy married life .

Perform this surah for 11 days just after your marriage to have a happy married life. Do it timely and daily.

Surah For Married Couple:-

All the possibilities will be; operated by this surah; because it is very impactful and powerful; that you will get all the solutions in your; newly married life within a short period of time. Read this surah to make someone talk to you again.

1. Read the istikhara 64 times and then make a prayer to Allah to keep you happy.

2. Now go to a room and then read surah al faziha 52 times and then clean your surface.

3. After this read durood sharif and wash your face clearly in the end.

This surah helps you to get comfortable in your new life . Always have faith in Allah and perform surah with pure heart .

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