Wazifa For Husband Love and Respect

Asslam Alaikum , sister’s , If you are married and your husband did not love you and give you respect , and if you want to get love and respect from your husband . This wazifa for husband love and respect will help you to get that easily .

Wazifa For Husband Love helps you to make your husband fall in love with you and bring you closer to your husband. It boosts your husband’s feeling and increases love and affection in your husband’s heart for you .

Another wazifa is for respect from husband if your husband do not treat you well do not behave well with you , then perform a wazifa for respect from husband .

Some important points to be keep in mind before starting the Wazifa For Husband Love And Respect :-

1. Before beginning a wazifa, it is important to ensure that you are clean and dressed in clean clothes.

2. You should also find a quiet place to sit or stand and focus your thoughts on Allah.

3. Once you are ready, you can begin reciting the verses or surahs you have chosen.

4. It is important to recite the words correctly and with sincere intention.

5. After you have finished reciting the verses, you should reflect on their meaning and how they apply to your life.

6. Wazifa can be an incredibly powerful tool for seeking guidance and strength from Allah, but it is important to approach it with patience, respect, and humility.

Wazifa for love and respect helps you to increase love for you in your husband’s heart and also increase respect for you in your husband heart both emotionally and spiritually.

How To Perform Wazifa For Husband Love ?

If you want to perform Wazifa For Husband Love, then follow the process step by step –

1. First of all, take a bath every day before starting the Wazifa.

2. Next, you have to chant Durood Sharif 11 times.

3. Then recite verses 29 and 30 of Surah Yusuf on some sweet eatables.

4. Again read Durood Sharif 11 times.

5. In the end, both husband and wife should eat those sweets.

Wazifa For Husband Love helps to increase love in your husband's heart
Wazifa For Husband Love helps to increase love in your husband’s heart.

Perform this wazifa for 21 days daily . Keep complete faith in Allah and perform this wazifa with pure heart and good intentions.

Wazifa is a islamic practice it is a prayer to Allah which helps you to connect to Allah and resolves all your problems.

Faith in Allah never upsets you because prayer to Allah with full dedication and pure heart , always fulfil your wishes and adds up happiness in your life .

Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife :-

Step by Step Procedure for Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife is here-

1. First of all, take a bath and wear freshly washed clothes every day.

2. You have to perform this wazifa after Isha Salaah.

3. Next, you have to Read Surah Ikhlas once.

4. After that, stand up and recite “Ya Aziz-0” (Allah’s name) 2100 times.

5. In the last step, you have to raise your hands and pray to make your husband respect and love you.

Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife
Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife

Perform this wazifa to respect wife for 11 days daily . Soon you will get the positive results. Have faith in Allah and Allah will always fulfil your dreams . For happy married life perform Surah For Happy Married Life .

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife

The relation of husband and wife is the relationship of two souls . This relation of husband and wife is not only the relation of two people it is the relation between two families . The relation of husband and wife connects two different families together . The relation works on the principle of Respect , Love , Care , Time and Trust . But sometimes this relation lacks in love .

So , to increase love between you and your spouse you should perform this dua to increase love between husband and wife . This dua helps you to increase love between the couple .

Here , we are mentioning the steps to perform the dua to increase love between Husband and Wife .

Dua To Increase love between Husband and Wife –

1. Firstly, perform ablution with pure Niyyah.
2. Recite “Allah Hus Samad” 100 times.
3. Recite “Allahu Akbar” 50 times after Morning Namaz.
4. Write “Alhamdulillah” on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow.
5. Read Verse 6 of Surah Yunus 2 times after Vespers.

Perform this dua with full faith and trust in Allah Ta’la . Allah will help you to make your relation more stronger and fulfill it with love . Perform it daily and do not skip in betwee. Before performing the dua always keep all the precautions in mind .  As we all know half knowledge is always dangerous so to know about complete process read this article it includes every single point you need to know .

Consult us :-

If you feel any kind of difficulty or problem in understanding the procedure or difficulty in performing Surah . So, you can feel free to contact us anytime we are 24*7 available to hear your problems . The islamic scholar and the specialist Molana Rashid Ali is always here to hear you and provides you with the best solutions . You can Directly contact him on Whats app and ask about the solution for your problems . He will provide you the most effective and best solutions .

Most Frequent Questions Asked :-

I am in ten years of marriage and facing many problems in my marriage my husband do not love me . Which Dua can help me out?

The Dua, are mentioned above read this dua carefully and then perform this dua with all the instructions, and it will give you good results, and if you want a quick result, you can contact Mr. Rashid Ali .

Is there any Surah to bring husband wife closer?

Surah al Quraysh (chapter 106) is one of the most powerful Surah to bring the husband-wife closer. Recite Surah al Quraysh (chapter 106) after Isha Nawaz. (Prayer) Do it with a pure heart and keeps faith in Allah. In one week, you can see your husband’s wife’s relation became closer and better. You can read full artivle here Surah to bring husband wife closer.

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