Wazifa For Success And Wealth In Business

“Hardwork is the key to success”
But sometimes also after lot of hardwork people do not achieve success.
Asslam Alaikum to all my brothers and sisters reading this article . Today , we are sharing the wazifa for success and wealth in Business.
Everyone who starts the business wants to get more wealth and to become rich and wants there business to reach the heights of success . So , to get more wealth from your business . Here we are mentioning the wazifa for wealth below .

One should read this wazifa carefully and perform this wazifa as mentioned or you can consult our specialist Molana Rashid Ali.
This wazifa for wealth and success in business helps you to grow your business more and more also in case you have done lot of work but don’t get any results excepts failure .Everyone wants money because money is the major source of our living nowadays everyone wants money to buy comforts and to fulfill there needs and their expenses . So, all wants more and more money for this . So, here we are sharing Wazifa for wealth .

Wazifa for wealth is given below

• Everyone wants to get rich in his life. Here is the quickest and legit way to do so. Before reciting the wazifa, make sure you keep your mind and heart clear from all bad desires and thoughts. Also ensure that you recite all the obligatory prayers of the day.

• After performing the obligatory prayer of the noon, recite two rakatnafilnamaznd then recite “YaWahhabo” 300 times.

• Perform this wazifa for 4 days continuously.

Wazifa For Wealth In Business
Wazifa For Wealth In Business

Insha Allah, you will see that within four days all your monetary issues will get resolved and you will start earning good wealth and also your business starts succeeding.
If you’re thinking how a person can attain wealth just from wazifa then always keep in mind that a prayer offered to ALLAH with good heart and pure intentions always gives out best and positive results.

This articles seems to be catchy but it really works as this wazifa is practiced since ages and lot people have succeed and attain wealth in their business with the help of this wazifa .

All you need to do is you have to keep faith and trust in ALLAH and Allah Ta’la will make you to reach the heights of success. While performing the surah , dua or wazifa one should always keep all the precautions in mind .

Precautions To be kept in mind while performing the wazifa for success and wealth in business:-

  1. Women’s should not perform the Wazifa during periods. They should avoid all types of islamic prayers during this time .
  2. Always keep your surroundings clean where you perform the wazifa and also keel yourself clean .
  3. Do not skip in between and perform it with full dedication and in the proper manner.

Strong wazifa for success in business 

  1. Take fresh ablution .
  2. First, you read Durood-E -Ibrahim 11 times before being leaving from home.
  3. You will succeed in business only when you will perform Namaz 5 times a day.
  4. InshaAllah , you will see the success soon .

Perform this wazifa for 21 days and do not skip in between and perform it daily with full faith and trust in Allah Ta’la . Almighty ALLAH will fulfill all your wishes and dreams and make you reach the heights of success . InshaAllah , Almighty ALLAH blesses you with lot of success and profit in your business .


• Place a locker where you keep your cash in the south direction or at the southwest wall of the house or at place of your work and make sure it always opens in the north direction because the north direction is for Allah, and if the locker opens in the north direction ensures that ALLAH can fill it again and again.

• To attract the maximum customer to your shop or towards your businesses place Quran Sharif in front of the cash locker so that you may get the blessings of Allah.

• Never take anything for free nor offer any of your services for free. Ensure that some compensation amount is received.

• The wealth earned through fraudulent means never ceases. Keep this in mind because the wealth earned by fraud is always haram and it only gives you loses never work on frauds .

• Donate some part of your earnings every month. By this, the grace of Allah will be on you so that your happiness and prosperity will remain.

• Treated the women of the house with respect , care and love . It also helps you to earn success and wealth in your business.

Consult us :-

If you feel any kind of difficulty or problem in understanding the procedure or difficulty in performing Surah . So, you can feel free to contact us anytime we are 24*7 available to hear your problems . The islamic scholar and the specialist Molana Rashid Ali is always here to hear you and provides you with the best solutions . You can Directly contact him on Whats app and ask about the solution for your problems . He will provide you the most effective and best solutions .

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Wazifa For Barkat In New Business

Everyone who starts the new business wants barkat ( blessings of Allah ) in there business to grow there business more and more . The work done under the guidance of Allah and with blessings of Allah gives out the good results and more success . So, before starting the new business one should perform this Wazifa For Barkat In New Business to have a blessings of Allah and to have success in the business .

The wazifa for barkat in new business is mentioned below . This wazifa will help you to seek the blessings of Allah for your new business and helps you to reach the heights of success .

How to do the wazifa for barkat in business?

• You will have to perform the wazifa after the Namaz-e-Juma.

• Men can do the wazifa at the mosque while the female can perform it at home.

• Do not get up after salam, just stay there.

• Start by reciting durood Shareef once and then recite the dua for success in new business.

Bismillah Hir Raahma Nir Raheem Al Mutii Huwa Allah

• End the wazifa for barkat in business by durood Shareef.

Wazifa For Barkat In New Business helps you to seek the blessings of ALLAH
Wazifa For Barkat In New Business helps you to seek the blessings of ALLAH .

One should perform this wazifa before starting there new business or any new work for the sake of ALLAH’s blessings and guidance for your work .

A work started with the blessings of Allah and under the guidance of Allah Ta’la always turns out be a huge profit for you . so , always start a new work with blessings and guidance of Allah . InshaAllah , Allah bless you with more and more profit and success in your business .

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